Welcome to Marina Strand Colony 1!


Lots of New Neighbors

Marina Strand Maintenance and Management have had a very busy summer with lots of activity and lots of questions from all the prospective and new owners entering escrows, getting loans and moving in to the community.

Every building has had changes. Some long time owners decided to take advantage of the rise in their property values and have moved in many cases, far away. We won’t see them visiting very often and are sad to see them go.

New owners of all ages and areas are thrilled to be moving into Marina Strand. They can’t believe the location and the vacation like setting that they are living in every day. We welcome you all. We recently had a new baby girl be born after her parents had barely lived at Marina Strand for just a few weeks. Welcome, Charlotte.

We have some growing pains and I will bring up some issues that new owners may not realize:

Barbecues located on front porch/door areas must be covered when not in use.
Propane cannot be stored for future use, at your front door area.
Front door areas must be kept tidy and not used as storage areas.
Units cannot be used as short term rentals.
Owners pay for our buildings to be access controlled and patrolled nightly by security guards. We don’t expect visitors to be wandering around as they would in a hotel.
Visitor parking is precious. Don’t abuse the privilege by having roommates park in visitor parking, nightly.
If you want to use the pool area near your unit for a party, you may do so by applying through Action. Any gathering over 8 people requires an application and a deposit. Keep the Action number handy.
800 400 2284. The night time Security guards should also be in your cell phones. They are patrolling through the complex and the garages from 9:30pm each night until 5:30 am.
James is on patrol Monday-Friday at 661 414-6266
Desmond is on patrol Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – 323 921-4422
Call them if you are concerned about some activity or suspicious person.

Thank you and welcome to Marina Strand Colony #1 HOA.

Karen Bennett, Community Manager

Recent Sales Price Increases at Marina Strand

The Board of Directors of Marina Strand is very pleased with the recent selling prices that owners were able to get for their Marina Strand investment. The Board makes decisions and the vendors are supervised to provide the best possible service for the most reasonable cost.

The Budgets are reviewed and costs are always closely monitored. The Board recently approved a new budget with no increase in assessments. The new Budget will be mailed out before year end 2016.

One of the reasons owners choose to buy in a condominium project is that the they feel the exterior of the unit is mostly taken care of by the association. They are correct. Landscaping is done by the HOA. Pool cleaning and repairs are done by the HOA. Common area decks are cleaned by the HOA. Painting is done by the HOA, etc.

However, the front doors are maintained by owners and residents. How does your front door look as you reach your front door?

Some of the many owners that choose to keep barbecues at their front doors leave off their barbecue covers for the next meal that they plan to grill. This looks very messy. Please use the barbecues and then cover them back up, before you go inside. DO NOT STORE canisters of propane for safety reasons!

Please keep your front door areas relatively clear and with a look back to see if you have left items outside that are messy and inappropriate. Let’s Keep Marina Strand attractive, neat and well cared for as property values will continue to increase.
Thank you from the Board of Directors

Architectural Applications

During this busy Summer, many Real Estate transactions were completed. As soon as the new owners moved in they decided that they wanted to update their kitchens and baths. The process is very straightforward but the paperwork must be completed and turned in when all the questions have been answered.

Neighbor awareness is always necessary as notification that a construction crew will be onsite and there will be noise and activity around the unit, is very important to publicize.

Permits will need to be added to your application for electrical and plumbing changes.

The Architectural Committee and the Board must approve your application. The Board has thirty (30) days to approve your application or it is deemed approved. So, the Board wants to review only complete architectural applications.

We will be glad to assist in making sure you have all the information the Board needs to make a decision about your application.

Welcome to the Community

Karen Bennett, Community Manager


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