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Posted By on March 6, 2018

Marina Strand Colony #1 had a very busy 2017 with projects such as the sealing of the decks, and common area walkways, the new amendment of the CC&Rs and By-Laws, tree trimming, repair of 2 planters by the 4050 building, and many more maintenance items completed.  On Time Building Maintenance has finished the installation of all trash chute doors on each floor and they continue to help making sure that the complex looks great! There are more projects lined up this year, and the community will receive information about that soon.

Maintenance and Management have had a very busy year lots of activity and questions from current and prospective owners.  Please ensure that if you are remodeling your unit that an Architectural Application form is filled out and submitted to management.  Also, your contact information needs to be provided right away.  For more information as to where to find forms please visit the vivo website or contact our community care department at 800-400-2284.

New owners of all ages and areas are thrilled to be moving into Marina Strand.  They can’t believe the location and the vacation like setting that they are living in every day.  We welcome you all.

Community living promotes harmonious living.  As new owners move in, we would like to make you aware of some of the house rules of the community:

Bicycles are not allowed to be stored in your front entry way patio area.  They are allowed to be placed at the bike racks located in the garage, storage rooms, inside of your unit or on your balcony.  (Please note that the balcony is different than your front door area.)
Barbecues located on front porch/door areas must be covered when not in use.
Propane cannot be stored for future use at your front door area.
Front door areas must be kept tidy and not used as storage areas.
Units cannot be used as for short term lease or vacation rentals.
Upon close of escrow owners must occupy their unit (or otherwise leave vacant) for a 1 year period.
Visitor parking is limited.  Save visitor parking spaces for visitors.
Installation of hardwood floors is not allowed for 2nd or 3rd floor unit owners unless you submit an Architectural Application, with the below unit owner’s consent and signature, and the Architectural Committee must review and give final approval.  (Please see CC&Rs for further information.)
If you want to use the pool area near your unit for a party, you may do so by applying through Action. Any gathering over 8 people requires an application and a deposit.  Keep the Action number handy.

Thank you and welcome to Marina Strand Colony #1 HOA.

Ivonne Perez, CMCA Community Manager


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