Recent Sales Price Increases at Marina Strand

Posted By on March 6, 2018

The Board of Directors of Marina Strand is very pleased with the recent selling prices that owners were able to get for their Marina Strand investment.  The Board makes decisions and the vendors are supervised to provide the best possible service for the most reasonable cost.The Budgets are reviewed and costs are always closely monitored.  The Board recently approved a new budget with no increase in assessments.

One of the reasons owners choose to buy in a condominium project is that the they feel the exterior of the unit is mostly taken care of by the association.  They are correct. Landscaping is done by the HOA. Pool cleaning and repairs are done by the HOA. Common area decks are cleaned by the HOA.  Painting is done by the HOA.

However, front doors are maintained by owners and residents.  How does your front door look as you reach your front door?

Please keep your front door areas relatively clear and with a look back to see if you have left items outside  that are messy and inappropriate.  Let’s Keep Marina Strand attractive, neat and well cared for as property values will continue to increase.

Thank you from the Board of Directors


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